Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reversible Peter Pan Collar

I love all the fun necklaces around, and while I know the Peter Pan collar is not exactly a revelation, I have wanted to do one for awhile. I will be loading a printable pattern for the collar ASAP. My late scanner, that's right, late, as in, dead, forced me to go somewhere else to scan it and I had to go to the pediatrician instead with a sicky. But it's super easy it's just two pieces exactly the same, one is just flipped. I used a cream knit, one layer of really fine tulle, and pearl strands and ribbon. I used my machine to put the tulle on the knit and then just hand stitched a couple of ropes of pearls around the edge. Then stitched the black ribbon onto the back. Super easy and I am sure all you people can come up with a million variations. I like that it is basic but you have the option of the bow in back and front. The top I am wearing is the simple top from Tuesday actually made out of a pillowcase. I added a small dart on each side of the chest. The bottom looks like a cute tunic finish and it's almost as good as wearing pajamas, only cuter!

Front and back

Also a thank you to my little sister who was so nice taking pictures when she got to my house at 11:30 last night. And then took them again when I decided that the first set were hideous.

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