Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ruffled refashion!

I have been trying to post some projects for awhile but either my computer, blogger or my brain is having issues. Shut up, it COULD be my computer or blogger........ Anyway, I have been very inspired by Liz over at, if you have not checked her out you must! She is super creative and always has the best stuff. I got the above dress at a thrift store for 3 dollars and had an immediate vision of what I wanted it to be, and shockingly it turned out!
I cut the bottom of the dress off and used it and some black lace I had to make 4 ruffles which I attached at the back just below the zipper. I took the dress in a bit just following the darts that were already in it. I also took the elastic out of the sleeves, shortened them a bit and then pleated them by creasing the sleeve with an iron, pinching a half inch of fabric in each side of the crease and pinning that and sewing it down. I actually just pinched in an inch at the top of each sleeve where it met the shoulder and sewed a straight line which gave the top of the sleeve way more structure.
Sorry for my weird face. I never know what face to make which is why most of the pics I edited it out. Haha! I just hemmed the bottom and was done. I really love it with a skirt or jeans and it was 3 bucks so it's a win win right???
Next up sewing with leather- rawr! Is that how you spell that?


  1. Check out that butt!!! Seriously when do you have the time and why don't you live by me??? You are so talented!!