Friday, June 1, 2012

Regally Ruff

The weeks is up! My last tutorial is here, it was the first time I have done this many in a week and it was busy, but thanks to my husbands help last weekend, I was pretty well done before the week started. What a guy! Before I give you the winners, here is the tutorial for my regally ruff collar. I went to see Mirror Mirror with my daughter for her birthday in April and it was so so cute. If you haven't seen it, it's a must! And yes I realize that putting the above picture of me next to Julie Roberts is sacrilege and not at all nice to myself. Anyway, the costumes were amazing and I loved her neck ruff so here is my version

1/4 yrd or less-Bottom weight or other woven fabric

1-2 yards netting/ tulle /lace of your choice

1-2 yards complementing color of netting/tulle/ lace

1 yard lace with a decorative edge

I made an 8 inch diameter ring by tracing a bowl and just sewed it closed for my base, it doesn't have to be super perfect. I cut out 14 8 inch circles of the cream netting and 12 of the blush. I then made a ruffle with the decorative edged lace. I folded my circles into fourths and sewed the curved edge together so it didn't fluff out so much (we are not all Julia Roberts). Then pinned them with the point folded over the circle. I sewed the lace ruffle to the bottom which helped it lay really flat. That way the base ring was in the middle and didn't make anything puff up. I folded my blush squares into fourths and pinned them on top of the cream but folded more over so it didn't cover the cream. I hot glued the big pearls, it was so thick by then it would have been hard to sew. Then stitched the ribbon the back and done! Next I think I will make a black one!

Okay on to the winners!!!!! Thanks so much for all the love and all the people who started following, it was a fun week! I decided I really needed 4 winners because my page views doubled so I am doubling my prizes!

the prizes are- you may pick one item from this weeks tutorials and I will make and send it to you!!!! The refashion from Monday will be lace instead of crocheted since I don't do that!


Winner number one- Michelle O.

Winner number two- Candice U.

Winner number three- Jocelyn H.

Winner number four- Sara S.


Seriously thanks for the love!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. The pic of you blows away Julia. Soph needs something new to look good doing work around the house, my little peasent girl. Thanks talented one!

  2. Yahoo! I'll take a berry preserves pinafore for my future daughter. If I have all boys, they can draw straws for who gets/has to wear it.