Monday, May 28, 2012

Lovely little refashion!


supply list-
Knit dress
1/2 yard of knit lining
1//4 yard of whatever lace or netting you want as many as you want
Brooch pin
Lipton regular tea
To kick off giveaway week here at The Whimsy Diaries I thought I would share this sweet little dress. I found it of course at the thrift store and knew I wanted to do something with it because I can not crochet or knit and it always looks so good. I carefully removed the yellow yarn and tied of all loose ends. I then boiled 8 cups of water with 8 tea bags. Then I got the dress wet with cold water, removed the tea bags and poured the tea over the dress in a bowl. I stirred it around with a wooden spoon and then dumped it out and rinsed the dress until the water ran clear. I laid the dress on a towel in my bathtub to avoid it stretching if I hung it.
I laid the dress out and measured a lining for it by tracing it and then used a strip of fabric (ribbon works too) and a gathering stitch on the lace to make my ruffles. I then pinned them and sewed them to the lining.

I ran elastic around the bottom of the dress to give it a drop waisted look and just hand stitched it closed. I also just made two little loops of elastic to shut the back of the dress, you can see it on the top picture. I then made a little brooch with my lace and I was done! I was so happy with how the tea dye came out and it was really really easy!

Don't forget to have your friends comment and follow if you are sharing my blog, the prize will be revealed Friday and it is really good!!!! xoxo


  1. Hayley you are so creative!!!!! Would never have guessed it was the same dress! Super cute

  2. So adorable!! Though what is wrong with my Goodwill?? Never find those treasures.

  3. So cute! Bramli's hair is growing I see
    Maybe you should have some tips on how to find cute things to refashion--I wouldn't have thought about such cuteness while lookin at that yellow number!

    You are talented!

  4. As always, SUPER cute. I'm dying to see some re-fashion ideas for adults sometime. I know YOU can do it . . .

  5. Thanks everyone!!!! Kristi- check out the ruffled refashion, it's an adult one! And thanks for the vote of confidence!!!!