Tuesday, May 29, 2012

20's trouser and simple top

I am kind of obsessed with the 20's right now, I found the top image browsing the web and thought the pants were super cute, so I gave them a go, they aren't exactly exactly like the top pair, obviously, but they are cute and summery and the top is fun and looks good without looking like its trying to hard! All in all a good go to outfit!
1 yard bottom weight fabric


also- you can tie the tie in front or back
So if your waist is 25 inches you would cut 2 pieces 21 x 32 ( desired length plus hem) then you do 3 pleats equal distance apart to get your front piece down to 12 1/2 inches. I pleated by taking one inch, folding each side a half inch over to meet and then back. Then you cut a strip that is 7 inches by 13 inches, fold over, iron and sew your pleated front to it so you have your flat front waist band. Then make a 26x7 strip, fold sew down and then cut it in half. Then fold your back over 3 1/2 inches see it down, thread 12 1/2 inches if elastic through it, pin your front and back right sides together, sew and you have a skirt if you want to stop there, if not, try your pants on and see where you eant the critch to be. I wish i could come up with a formula for this but it really depends on your build and how you want them to fit. Turn your pants inside out fold them in half lengthwise and cut up to where you want, sew the pant legs closed and hem the bottom to desired length. Pretty easy!

I love a good slightly silky top that can go with a skirt, jeans whatever and I fell in love with this turquoise leopard!


1 yard fabric


I started by folding my yard in half width wise and then length so I had a rectangle. I cut down the top of my rectangle the measurement from my shoulder to shoulder (13 inches) so since I folded I made a cut in at 6 1/2 inches and added 2 1/2 inches to the bottom line and cut a diagonal line down to there. So my top was going to be 13 across the top and 18 across the bottom unfolded. The picture below is how I cut out for sleeves, I measured from the top of my shoulder to the middle of my armpit, 8 inches, and cut that diagonally off of the 6 1/2 inch mark I made for the across measurement.

With top still folded I cut 4 inches in by 2 inches down curving up for the neck line. I then just rolled it in and hemmed it really small. I did my normal sleeves which are ridiculous but somehow work for me, I added a 16x 6 rectangle making a square sleeve, it is going to really stick out, but I pleated the outside the same way I pleated the pants and it made a cute sleeve, which I just baby hemmed like the neck. You are done, I know it probably seems like a dumb set of instructions but if worst comes to worst just trace a top you have, I just love tops like this I can never got enough. They arent too tailored they look good on everyone and it is so easy, add a statement necklace and it looks polished and ready to go,
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