Friday, June 1, 2012

Regally Ruff

The weeks is up! My last tutorial is here, it was the first time I have done this many in a week and it was busy, but thanks to my husbands help last weekend, I was pretty well done before the week started. What a guy! Before I give you the winners, here is the tutorial for my regally ruff collar. I went to see Mirror Mirror with my daughter for her birthday in April and it was so so cute. If you haven't seen it, it's a must! And yes I realize that putting the above picture of me next to Julie Roberts is sacrilege and not at all nice to myself. Anyway, the costumes were amazing and I loved her neck ruff so here is my version

1/4 yrd or less-Bottom weight or other woven fabric

1-2 yards netting/ tulle /lace of your choice

1-2 yards complementing color of netting/tulle/ lace

1 yard lace with a decorative edge

I made an 8 inch diameter ring by tracing a bowl and just sewed it closed for my base, it doesn't have to be super perfect. I cut out 14 8 inch circles of the cream netting and 12 of the blush. I then made a ruffle with the decorative edged lace. I folded my circles into fourths and sewed the curved edge together so it didn't fluff out so much (we are not all Julia Roberts). Then pinned them with the point folded over the circle. I sewed the lace ruffle to the bottom which helped it lay really flat. That way the base ring was in the middle and didn't make anything puff up. I folded my blush squares into fourths and pinned them on top of the cream but folded more over so it didn't cover the cream. I hot glued the big pearls, it was so thick by then it would have been hard to sew. Then stitched the ribbon the back and done! Next I think I will make a black one!

Okay on to the winners!!!!! Thanks so much for all the love and all the people who started following, it was a fun week! I decided I really needed 4 winners because my page views doubled so I am doubling my prizes!

the prizes are- you may pick one item from this weeks tutorials and I will make and send it to you!!!! The refashion from Monday will be lace instead of crocheted since I don't do that!


Winner number one- Michelle O.

Winner number two- Candice U.

Winner number three- Jocelyn H.

Winner number four- Sara S.


Seriously thanks for the love!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reversible Peter Pan Collar

I love all the fun necklaces around, and while I know the Peter Pan collar is not exactly a revelation, I have wanted to do one for awhile. I will be loading a printable pattern for the collar ASAP. My late scanner, that's right, late, as in, dead, forced me to go somewhere else to scan it and I had to go to the pediatrician instead with a sicky. But it's super easy it's just two pieces exactly the same, one is just flipped. I used a cream knit, one layer of really fine tulle, and pearl strands and ribbon. I used my machine to put the tulle on the knit and then just hand stitched a couple of ropes of pearls around the edge. Then stitched the black ribbon onto the back. Super easy and I am sure all you people can come up with a million variations. I like that it is basic but you have the option of the bow in back and front. The top I am wearing is the simple top from Tuesday actually made out of a pillowcase. I added a small dart on each side of the chest. The bottom looks like a cute tunic finish and it's almost as good as wearing pajamas, only cuter!

Front and back

Also a thank you to my little sister who was so nice taking pictures when she got to my house at 11:30 last night. And then took them again when I decided that the first set were hideous.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The berry preserves pinafore


Clearly my new favorite activity is dyeing with tea, you can not mess it up it is so fast! I love it! I got this tank at Walmart for 3.87 or something like that, it was white, dyed real quick with tea and then made this dress! It almost makes me want to garden which is a big deal because plants come to my house to die.
You will need-
1 tank or shirt
1/2- 1 yard of jersey depending on the size of your girl
1/2 yard for bottom apron piece
1/2 yard for top apron piece
(you may not need this much but you can use excess for the flower)
2 - 2 yard pieces of ribbon
1 button
Do you see my lovely photoshop skills? They are getting better, slowly but surely!!!
The back. All in all a sweet little dress for summer!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

20's trouser and simple top

I am kind of obsessed with the 20's right now, I found the top image browsing the web and thought the pants were super cute, so I gave them a go, they aren't exactly exactly like the top pair, obviously, but they are cute and summery and the top is fun and looks good without looking like its trying to hard! All in all a good go to outfit!
1 yard bottom weight fabric


also- you can tie the tie in front or back
So if your waist is 25 inches you would cut 2 pieces 21 x 32 ( desired length plus hem) then you do 3 pleats equal distance apart to get your front piece down to 12 1/2 inches. I pleated by taking one inch, folding each side a half inch over to meet and then back. Then you cut a strip that is 7 inches by 13 inches, fold over, iron and sew your pleated front to it so you have your flat front waist band. Then make a 26x7 strip, fold sew down and then cut it in half. Then fold your back over 3 1/2 inches see it down, thread 12 1/2 inches if elastic through it, pin your front and back right sides together, sew and you have a skirt if you want to stop there, if not, try your pants on and see where you eant the critch to be. I wish i could come up with a formula for this but it really depends on your build and how you want them to fit. Turn your pants inside out fold them in half lengthwise and cut up to where you want, sew the pant legs closed and hem the bottom to desired length. Pretty easy!

I love a good slightly silky top that can go with a skirt, jeans whatever and I fell in love with this turquoise leopard!


1 yard fabric


I started by folding my yard in half width wise and then length so I had a rectangle. I cut down the top of my rectangle the measurement from my shoulder to shoulder (13 inches) so since I folded I made a cut in at 6 1/2 inches and added 2 1/2 inches to the bottom line and cut a diagonal line down to there. So my top was going to be 13 across the top and 18 across the bottom unfolded. The picture below is how I cut out for sleeves, I measured from the top of my shoulder to the middle of my armpit, 8 inches, and cut that diagonally off of the 6 1/2 inch mark I made for the across measurement.

With top still folded I cut 4 inches in by 2 inches down curving up for the neck line. I then just rolled it in and hemmed it really small. I did my normal sleeves which are ridiculous but somehow work for me, I added a 16x 6 rectangle making a square sleeve, it is going to really stick out, but I pleated the outside the same way I pleated the pants and it made a cute sleeve, which I just baby hemmed like the neck. You are done, I know it probably seems like a dumb set of instructions but if worst comes to worst just trace a top you have, I just love tops like this I can never got enough. They arent too tailored they look good on everyone and it is so easy, add a statement necklace and it looks polished and ready to go,
don't forget to get your like on for some contest entries!!!!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Lovely little refashion!


supply list-
Knit dress
1/2 yard of knit lining
1//4 yard of whatever lace or netting you want as many as you want
Brooch pin
Lipton regular tea
To kick off giveaway week here at The Whimsy Diaries I thought I would share this sweet little dress. I found it of course at the thrift store and knew I wanted to do something with it because I can not crochet or knit and it always looks so good. I carefully removed the yellow yarn and tied of all loose ends. I then boiled 8 cups of water with 8 tea bags. Then I got the dress wet with cold water, removed the tea bags and poured the tea over the dress in a bowl. I stirred it around with a wooden spoon and then dumped it out and rinsed the dress until the water ran clear. I laid the dress on a towel in my bathtub to avoid it stretching if I hung it.
I laid the dress out and measured a lining for it by tracing it and then used a strip of fabric (ribbon works too) and a gathering stitch on the lace to make my ruffles. I then pinned them and sewed them to the lining.

I ran elastic around the bottom of the dress to give it a drop waisted look and just hand stitched it closed. I also just made two little loops of elastic to shut the back of the dress, you can see it on the top picture. I then made a little brooch with my lace and I was done! I was so happy with how the tea dye came out and it was really really easy!

Don't forget to have your friends comment and follow if you are sharing my blog, the prize will be revealed Friday and it is really good!!!! xoxo

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have been wanting to get in on a few contest and things on different websites but my blog needs to be, well, more popular, and at the risk of shamelessly promoting myself, I need more followers!! So as Bramli was sitting at my sewing machine the other day pointing out things that I should work on, the problem of how to get into said contests came up. She said "Mom, obviously you need to have a giveaway, everybody likes free stuff!" or at least that's what she would have said if she could talk. We have amazing telepathy. So here's the plan, there are 2 ways to win!

1. Share my blog via email, Facebook, twitter or good old fashioned word of mouth! Tell your friends to come to my blog, comment on any post saying you sent them, the person who sends the most people wins!

2. For those of you commenting, if you follow my blog you will be entered into a drawing to win!

There will be a new DIY post everyday this week and can I just say the prizes are definitely worth it!!!!!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ruffled refashion!

I have been trying to post some projects for awhile but either my computer, blogger or my brain is having issues. Shut up, it COULD be my computer or blogger........ Anyway, I have been very inspired by Liz over at, if you have not checked her out you must! She is super creative and always has the best stuff. I got the above dress at a thrift store for 3 dollars and had an immediate vision of what I wanted it to be, and shockingly it turned out!
I cut the bottom of the dress off and used it and some black lace I had to make 4 ruffles which I attached at the back just below the zipper. I took the dress in a bit just following the darts that were already in it. I also took the elastic out of the sleeves, shortened them a bit and then pleated them by creasing the sleeve with an iron, pinching a half inch of fabric in each side of the crease and pinning that and sewing it down. I actually just pinched in an inch at the top of each sleeve where it met the shoulder and sewed a straight line which gave the top of the sleeve way more structure.
Sorry for my weird face. I never know what face to make which is why most of the pics I edited it out. Haha! I just hemmed the bottom and was done. I really love it with a skirt or jeans and it was 3 bucks so it's a win win right???
Next up sewing with leather- rawr! Is that how you spell that?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

spring fling top

I have had this fabric for awhile and figured I should use it. I made one of these tops for each of my girls but Bramli is not big on getting her picture taken so Londyn is my model. As you can see she hates it. . . . . hehe. Here is your supply list, I am estimating as I made 2 tops and had leftovers.

1 yard main fabric (fits 7 yr old)
1/4 yard contrasting fabric
1/4 yard of lining/bib fabric

I started out by cutting the fabric doubled and folded to the measurement of my girls' shoulders and then the length by measuring shoulder to hip, I then added 1/2 inch for inseams. I simple added 4 inches to the shoulder measurement for the bottom of the top so that it would flare out. I also doubled the fabric and cut 7 inch by 4 inch rectangles, for my big girl, for sleeves. For the bib I folded the fabric and traced a water bottle cap for the bib making it 7 inches long and about the same across, making it oval shaped along the bottom. I did the same thing for the scalloped hem but with a juice lid. Double the fabric, cut it the same length as the bottom of your top and cut your scallops. I just pinned the bib piece to the brown dot and bottom scallop to the cream fabric with both right sides up, and the used my machine to sew them together by following the scallops on the top piece, then I cut the brown dot and the cream to match the scallops. Then cut a 2 by 7 inch strip of brown for the button placket.

Above are the pieces you should have
2 sleeve pieces
front and back piece of shirt, I cut the shoulders on the top fold of fabric so I didn't have to sew the shoulders together
bib piece
bottom scallop front and back
button placket

Here is the bib, same thing for bottom. I sewed the sides of the top together and then attached the sleeves by just putting them into the arm holes right side of fabric together and sewing them. The nice thing about this was that I am sure you noticed I cut the sleeves long and square, once they were in I had plenty of length to play with and I simple trimmed the inside where there was excess in the arm pit from cutting the ends square. I did do a little scallop and then hemmed it. I cut a square neck by folding my top and then cutting it to the dimensions of the bib. I hemmed the neck, attached my bib and button placket and then hand stitched the buttons. the neck is a bit big but it was nice because I didn't have to mess with buttons or anything and she totally has room to grow.

Next time I am going to try to get Bramli to pose for me, people are going to start thinking she doesn't exist!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 sisters dress

The week before Easter was spring break, and my kids and I were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick 3 day trip to see my sister in San Clemente. The weather was gorgeous and we had fun hanging out and playing with my nephew. I took my sewing machine hoping to slip in a project and when I got there my sister (Jayde) and I decided that it was time to make something for us grown up girls!! I literally never make myself anything, but it was fun and turned out cute, so I may just have to try it again! This dress is so easy, I made one for myself, Jayde and our youngest sister Paige in 3 hours tops. While being endlessly interrupted by my kids. Here is the supply list

1 3/4-2 yards of jersey
1/4 yard of a contrasting knit (it does not have to be a knit, but you do want it to have some stretch)

This is actually the layout for Jayde's dress, because I guess I didn't take pics of every single one. I told her to pick a shirt that was pretty loose and that she liked how it fit. I doubled up the jersey and folded it in half and basically traced it. The only thing you want to watch is the length. I knew the shirt that she picked is pretty long on her, but the one I did was a bit shorter and you want to make sure that the top will fit a bit slouchy into the skirt.
Then I measured her hips and her hip to ankle measurement and added a couple of inches for inseams. I doubled and folded my fabric for the skirt, measured 1/4 of her waist measurement in and cut to there. I then cut into the hem 3 inches further than the waist and simply cut a diagonal line until they met. I am hoping this makes sense.You want to cut this pretty much the same size as you are or else it won't stretch and fit you well. It will be baggy. So, for example, if the waist is 28 and you have a front and a back then each side of your skirt needs to be 14 inches. Since you fold your fabric that means that you would cut 7 inches in at the waist. 10 inches in at the hem and then cut a straight diagonal until you have your 2 pieces. Whew! I am horrible at reading directions and now feel that I should apologize to all the people I said wrote stupid directions. . . . . .
Sew your top right sides together, DO NOT SEW THE SHOULDERS CLOSED, only sew the sides! Sew your skirt together. Then you then take your contrasting knit and cut a piece that is 5 inches by your waist measurement. Then you pin that right sides together to the top of your skirt and attach. Don't know why the top is upside down in the above picture.
Finish it off by opening up the neck of your shirt, slide it onto the skirt, upside down and right sides together. Sew the waistband knit into the bottom of your top, if your top is a little wider around the bottom than the top of your skirt, either pleat the excess into either side of the waistband, or do 2 folds equal distance apart on the back. I know its sounds tricky but I eyeballed it on all three and it was so easy and you don't even notice. Turn your entire dress inside out and sew up the shoulders and you are done! Super easy and nice for summer. I need more colors!! And a shout out to my 9 yr old who took the pictures of me in the dress, he was less than thrilled.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I posted the tutorial on the twiggy wreath awhile back , but decided to do an update after putting these together for a couple of friends. It's exactly the same, I just used silver paint and then a couple of other things that I will get to below.
I wrapped some netting around some moss hot glued that and my fingers to the wreath, said bad words, pulled my fingers off and proceeded. Put some eggs on there, added a strip of fabric and you are good.
I sprayed the base really light silver and then used this webbing spray paint, I am telling you I am so so so excited about this for Halloween, it totally gave the wreath a rustic feel without losing a bit of glitz. I don't know how well you can see, but it made the kind of cobweb looking stuff below, it looks better in person, trust me. I gave it all a shot of glitter and we are done. I also have found an unlimited supply of twigs, so if you live in the area, come by some night and we will go out and explore my mysterious nightlife of twig collecting. Oh, how far I have sunk. . . . . . ..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have always been afraid, I mean terrified of patterns. It is really just so silly because when I think about it, of course things are easier with directions. I guess its just that I am a visual learner and all those words printed on that thin paper with weird symbols. . . . . . it freaks me out. There is something I really like about just cutting and making things up as you go, the down side is that honestly, sometimes it does not turn out the way I wanted. That can be pretty hard to swallow if you have spent a really long time on it!! I really wanted to make Londyn a special dress for her violin recital and I ordered a couple of vintage patterns (seriously so much cuter than anything I saw) on etsy and bit the bullet! I am sure you seasoned pros can spot my mistakes, and I did add sleeves myself, but overall it wasn't too painful. I am not going to lie, I really do hate math that much, just ask Mrs. Paves (7th and then consequently 8th grade math teacher) thanks to whom I am now nearly ambidextrous as that was a better use of my time than algebra, a lost cause. But I digress. . . .
I got the butterfly fabric half off at Joanns and found a perfect peach to go underneath in the red tag section, and then got black lace, black velvet ribbon and the blingy bow I had from the fashion district down in LA. Londyn was very happy that it was twirly and I was very happy that it was done. I got another pattern so I think in the near future I will try something else.
She did a really good job at her recital, which made all of the screechy- er- I mean, lovely music we have been listening to worth it! If anyone wants the name of the etsy site with the vintage patterns, I can track it down, her prices are awesome! The pattern I wanted was as high as 50 and as low as 30 on every other site. She charged 10! So. . . . . who wants to come fold that pattern back up and get it back in the envelope for me?

Monday, February 27, 2012

twiggy wreath

Last thursday I was on my evening run when I found a really good pile of twigs. I am almost ashamed of how excited I was. I decided to take them home and make a new wreath for spring, even though I looked ridiculous walking home sweaty with my arms full of twigs.
Here are the supplies
spray paint
ribbon or hook to hang it with
felt or fabric for flowers (or a bird or decoration of your choice)
lots of hot glue
I broke them into 10-12 inch pieces and 14-16 inch pieces and then laid them out and gave them a quick and really light coat of blue, pink and white spray paint. I just did it really light and uneven just because the wood looked a little more like a fall wreath. Then I took the sturdiest 4 pieces and glued them together in a frame shape and then built on from there. I made 3 quick felt flowers, used a strip of pink fabric to hang it with. It was so so so easy and quick and I didn't even go to the store once! I had everything!

Friday, February 24, 2012

End table makeover. . . . . and more

So I know I have mentioned that we are currently renting a house that is not really my favorite. I enjoy decorating and it has been challenging for me to feel motivated when I cant knock out a wall or something! But I came across this little end table at the Goodwill down the street and got inspired to give my little family room a lift. So above is my 10 dollar find, I will admit, I was pretty excited.
These are the supplies
A piece of furniture
spray primer
spray paint in desired color
spray gloss (if desired)
faux glaze (just get a pint, you will have leftovers for a future project!)
black acrylic paint
an old towel or cloth you can ruin
an old sheet or tarp for under your furniture.

I started out by priming it with good ole spray paint, I thought I might have to sand it a bit, but I was pleasantly surprised, it was really smooth and the coat of primer went on so well I didn't bother. I then went over that with a Home Depot Lagoon Blue spray paint. I really usually like Krylon but they didn't have a color I liked. I can now say I really recommend the Home Depot stuff too. It worked just as well. I decided to finish it off with a faux antique finish. It is so so so so super easy, if you have never done it, please try it, I did it to my kitchen in my old house in one night and it made a huge difference. You really can't mess it up. After your bottom coat is dry, get your faux glaze, mix in some regular black acrylic paint and mix it up. Then take a old cloth rag and literally wipe it all over your piece. Make sure to really get it in the details so they will pop. as you go wipe off the excess until you are happy with it. If you mess up, take a clean part of you rag immediately wipe it off and start over. As you can see in the picture below it is done on the left and not the right. Big difference!!

I also got the lamp below at goodwill for five bucks! I am lame and didn't take a before picture but it was just a dark nasty brown. I threw a coat of primer on it and a high gloss white spray paint. My sister Jayde, found me the awesome lamp shade at TJ Maxx for seven dollars.

So since it was going well and I had paint leftover, I decided to spray paint my old table, it was brown wood around the edges, had a ceramic middle and wrought iron legs. I primed it and then sprayed it glossy black, I don't think its exceptional, but it gave it a lift and just changed it up. I do seriously love my old black lamp with its glossy teal! I used the same paint as the table but put a layer of clear gloss on top. The lamp shade was 4 dollars at goodwill! If you look on the couch, the teal and white geometric pillows are some pillows I already had that were looking rough, I just got 1 yard of fabric and hot glued it inside out where you would normally sew seams, I was feeling really lazy and as hard as my kids are on pillows I figured it wouldn't matter anyway. Then I stuffed the pillow in and folded the seam over and glued that. The best part is that when they are trashed, I will rip it off, get another yard of fabric and do the same thing. Someday I will maybe have gorgeous pillows with beading etc. . . . . .right? Anyway, I am still in my rental, but it was a super cheap and easy pick me up and I feel like when we move I can still use it all somewhere or spray paint it again! Up next? My girls room, Bramli is ready for a big girl bed!! And a ridiculously cute rocking chair that I got at goodwill for five dollars!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Having 2 kids with autism has changed my life in a lot of ways. Before we started all of our many therapies, I never knew that a lot of the people that would be helping us would come into our home. Truthfully, it's a little intimidating to have people that you don't know come into your home to talk about the problems your child has and what needs to be done. I am pretty outgoing and knew that my kids needed a lot of help, but I was a little nervous. I guess I always thought of therapy as something that happens at a clinic, but I have realized that really all aspects of life are hard for my littles and so we need therapy in every setting. I do not feel like I even have the words to describe how amazing our therapists are. I literally feel their love for my children. Keep in mind that these kids do not willingly do any of this!! And yet, here they are, tirelessly motivated and upbeat. Bramli's therapist, Mara, always greets us at home or school with a new idea to help Bramli and her victories are just as special to Mara as they are to me. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten a text on the weekend or in the evening from Mara following up to see how she is doing or to offer advice. She is priceless!!!
I found out that it is Mara's birthday tomorrow and so I really wanted to make her something that was meaningful. A puzzle piece is the symbol for autism and Mara started working at the program she is at in 2001. So with this as my inspiration, I decided to make a charm necklace.
I had a gift certificate from Christmas and I have been wanting a few charm making supplies so I went with my 40% off to Michaels and got metal cutting craft shears. Some metal sheets, the alphabet stamps, and the thing that drills holes, sorry can't remember what they called it. It is the silver thing up top. Then I found a 2001 penny for the year she started and a 2011 dime to mark her 10 year anniversary there. I also got a chain and some jump rings to attach the charms.
The puzzle piece was a bit tricky, the far right was my first attempt and it was pretty rough, I tried scratching it up so it looked distressed, but I knew that a second attempt would be better. I also got 30 gage metal and then found a site that recommends 22-24 for charms so that could have been part of it. I cut out the second one and then, of course, decided hers needed to be gold. I cut the last one out of gold and then stamped it with letter O's to make it more textured and not so plain.
It was a fun little project, didn't take very long and I think its something a lot of moms, teachers etc would like!

Here is our sweet Mara and Bramli today at school!! Notice she is wearing her necklace! Happy Birthday Mara!!!!