Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The berry preserves pinafore


Clearly my new favorite activity is dyeing with tea, you can not mess it up it is so fast! I love it! I got this tank at Walmart for 3.87 or something like that, it was white, dyed real quick with tea and then made this dress! It almost makes me want to garden which is a big deal because plants come to my house to die.
You will need-
1 tank or shirt
1/2- 1 yard of jersey depending on the size of your girl
1/2 yard for bottom apron piece
1/2 yard for top apron piece
(you may not need this much but you can use excess for the flower)
2 - 2 yard pieces of ribbon
1 button
Do you see my lovely photoshop skills? They are getting better, slowly but surely!!!
The back. All in all a sweet little dress for summer!


  1. How do you even think of these things? You continue to amaze me!