Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have been wanting to get in on a few contest and things on different websites but my blog needs to be, well, more popular, and at the risk of shamelessly promoting myself, I need more followers!! So as Bramli was sitting at my sewing machine the other day pointing out things that I should work on, the problem of how to get into said contests came up. She said "Mom, obviously you need to have a giveaway, everybody likes free stuff!" or at least that's what she would have said if she could talk. We have amazing telepathy. So here's the plan, there are 2 ways to win!

1. Share my blog via email, Facebook, twitter or good old fashioned word of mouth! Tell your friends to come to my blog, comment on any post saying you sent them, the person who sends the most people wins!

2. For those of you commenting, if you follow my blog you will be entered into a drawing to win!

There will be a new DIY post everyday this week and can I just say the prizes are definitely worth it!!!!!



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  1. Gave you a shout out on FB!! Your blog rocks!