Monday, February 27, 2012

twiggy wreath

Last thursday I was on my evening run when I found a really good pile of twigs. I am almost ashamed of how excited I was. I decided to take them home and make a new wreath for spring, even though I looked ridiculous walking home sweaty with my arms full of twigs.
Here are the supplies
spray paint
ribbon or hook to hang it with
felt or fabric for flowers (or a bird or decoration of your choice)
lots of hot glue
I broke them into 10-12 inch pieces and 14-16 inch pieces and then laid them out and gave them a quick and really light coat of blue, pink and white spray paint. I just did it really light and uneven just because the wood looked a little more like a fall wreath. Then I took the sturdiest 4 pieces and glued them together in a frame shape and then built on from there. I made 3 quick felt flowers, used a strip of pink fabric to hang it with. It was so so so easy and quick and I didn't even go to the store once! I had everything!

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