Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have always been afraid, I mean terrified of patterns. It is really just so silly because when I think about it, of course things are easier with directions. I guess its just that I am a visual learner and all those words printed on that thin paper with weird symbols. . . . . . it freaks me out. There is something I really like about just cutting and making things up as you go, the down side is that honestly, sometimes it does not turn out the way I wanted. That can be pretty hard to swallow if you have spent a really long time on it!! I really wanted to make Londyn a special dress for her violin recital and I ordered a couple of vintage patterns (seriously so much cuter than anything I saw) on etsy and bit the bullet! I am sure you seasoned pros can spot my mistakes, and I did add sleeves myself, but overall it wasn't too painful. I am not going to lie, I really do hate math that much, just ask Mrs. Paves (7th and then consequently 8th grade math teacher) thanks to whom I am now nearly ambidextrous as that was a better use of my time than algebra, a lost cause. But I digress. . . .
I got the butterfly fabric half off at Joanns and found a perfect peach to go underneath in the red tag section, and then got black lace, black velvet ribbon and the blingy bow I had from the fashion district down in LA. Londyn was very happy that it was twirly and I was very happy that it was done. I got another pattern so I think in the near future I will try something else.
She did a really good job at her recital, which made all of the screechy- er- I mean, lovely music we have been listening to worth it! If anyone wants the name of the etsy site with the vintage patterns, I can track it down, her prices are awesome! The pattern I wanted was as high as 50 and as low as 30 on every other site. She charged 10! So. . . . . who wants to come fold that pattern back up and get it back in the envelope for me?

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