Friday, February 24, 2012

End table makeover. . . . . and more

So I know I have mentioned that we are currently renting a house that is not really my favorite. I enjoy decorating and it has been challenging for me to feel motivated when I cant knock out a wall or something! But I came across this little end table at the Goodwill down the street and got inspired to give my little family room a lift. So above is my 10 dollar find, I will admit, I was pretty excited.
These are the supplies
A piece of furniture
spray primer
spray paint in desired color
spray gloss (if desired)
faux glaze (just get a pint, you will have leftovers for a future project!)
black acrylic paint
an old towel or cloth you can ruin
an old sheet or tarp for under your furniture.

I started out by priming it with good ole spray paint, I thought I might have to sand it a bit, but I was pleasantly surprised, it was really smooth and the coat of primer went on so well I didn't bother. I then went over that with a Home Depot Lagoon Blue spray paint. I really usually like Krylon but they didn't have a color I liked. I can now say I really recommend the Home Depot stuff too. It worked just as well. I decided to finish it off with a faux antique finish. It is so so so so super easy, if you have never done it, please try it, I did it to my kitchen in my old house in one night and it made a huge difference. You really can't mess it up. After your bottom coat is dry, get your faux glaze, mix in some regular black acrylic paint and mix it up. Then take a old cloth rag and literally wipe it all over your piece. Make sure to really get it in the details so they will pop. as you go wipe off the excess until you are happy with it. If you mess up, take a clean part of you rag immediately wipe it off and start over. As you can see in the picture below it is done on the left and not the right. Big difference!!

I also got the lamp below at goodwill for five bucks! I am lame and didn't take a before picture but it was just a dark nasty brown. I threw a coat of primer on it and a high gloss white spray paint. My sister Jayde, found me the awesome lamp shade at TJ Maxx for seven dollars.

So since it was going well and I had paint leftover, I decided to spray paint my old table, it was brown wood around the edges, had a ceramic middle and wrought iron legs. I primed it and then sprayed it glossy black, I don't think its exceptional, but it gave it a lift and just changed it up. I do seriously love my old black lamp with its glossy teal! I used the same paint as the table but put a layer of clear gloss on top. The lamp shade was 4 dollars at goodwill! If you look on the couch, the teal and white geometric pillows are some pillows I already had that were looking rough, I just got 1 yard of fabric and hot glued it inside out where you would normally sew seams, I was feeling really lazy and as hard as my kids are on pillows I figured it wouldn't matter anyway. Then I stuffed the pillow in and folded the seam over and glued that. The best part is that when they are trashed, I will rip it off, get another yard of fabric and do the same thing. Someday I will maybe have gorgeous pillows with beading etc. . . . . .right? Anyway, I am still in my rental, but it was a super cheap and easy pick me up and I feel like when we move I can still use it all somewhere or spray paint it again! Up next? My girls room, Bramli is ready for a big girl bed!! And a ridiculously cute rocking chair that I got at goodwill for five dollars!!

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  1. I am in love with real right now. Beautiful work, as always. You have definitely inspired me. Going to goodwill tomorrow :) P.S. I love spray paint, too. I kind of feel like its my dirty little secret because its so easy!