Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Faux Boot Socks

So I am so late posting this, but the flu made it's rounds at my house last week and nothing productive happened! I am finally posting my faux boot socks, please excuse my ghetto photography and also the Blair Witch-esque one at the bottom. I can't photograph my own legs real well and my husband doesn't get home until it's dark. I finally decided that it was better to post it with sort of lame pictures that not at all!
These are so so easy. I wanted to make sure that I didn't use a sewing machine at all because I know a lot of people don't have one or sometimes might not feel like getting it out. I used the above sweater, dress and jersey to make the 3 pairs below.

This was definitely the easiest. Cut the arms off of my old sweater dress, made some quick yarn bows, stitched them on and BAM! Super cute right??
I used the back of my sweater to make these and just measured my leg, cut them to the right width and put buttons on. Then I just stretched the gaps in the sweater until I could get the buttons through. I love how rustic and cozy they look.
These were probably the trickiest (still not hard), I measured the jersey, and then folded it over the same width as my widest button and then stitched the button on through both layers. I used all different shapes and sizes and the buttons are the only thing that is holding them together so make sure to sew them on well. I am loving how these are not really for warmth, it just is not that cold in Southern California.
These are a super easy, super quick project and I think they would be perfect for girlfriends. I am thinking that I will make them for our cute babysitters.
Sadly, I put the Vintage Press Flower on the back burner for now. There are just too many fun holiday things to do right now and the flower could really be for anytime. Up next is some fun holiday wall art, apothecary jars, and of course the dollhouse!! I have been tracking it and it is coming tomorrow, I seriously am so excited. Please remind me how excited I am when I start complaining about it!!

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  1. Cable sweater is my favorite. Nice job momma Bennett.