Monday, November 21, 2011

The Posh Pumpkin

The Posh Pumpkin

I am so excited to share one of my favorite projects with the followers and girls here at Simple Simon. I am new to blogging, writing tutorials and using the computer for something other than online shopping and pinterest, so this should be interesting! These pumpkins are perfect for teacher and neighbors and make a spectacular centerpiece.

You will need
As many pumpkins as you want (I like real but fake is totally an option)
1 can each of gold, silver and bronze spray paint
a tarp or trash bag to paint on
3 fall leaves per pumpkin (not too crumbly)
1 bottle each of acrylic paint in silver, gold and bronze (or any metallic)
1 package fresh cranberries
1 package pearl pins

I was in a hurry as usual so I just laid out my paper towel and paint and used a sponge brush to paint my leaves. You really can't mess this up! Mix your colors and coat your leaves as much as you want.

Now comes my favorite- spray paint. It is seriously a good thing I had very strict parents because I really could have had a great graffiti career. These do not have to be perfect or even, you want them to have variation and depth.
Next, you attach the leaves by pushing the pearl pins through the cranberries. Make sure to avoid using the squishy cranberries. Use the really hard ones. You can even scatter cranberries with pins all around your pumpkins or in clusters. I didn't because I had to transport these to 3 different schools and they are more fragile with cranberries all around.

Thanks for letting me share and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. So super cute. I might even try making them!! Love the new adventure your taking on! :)

  2. So adorable!! I love them--what a great idea!