Friday, November 25, 2011

New Tutorials Coming soon!

Hey Friends,
Right now I only have 3 followers but I am a firm believer in quality not quantity! I have a couple of fun tutorials coming up and wanted to give a heads-up to anyone who would like to have some of the supplies on hand before so that they are ready to go. Sometimes I see a tutorial when it is too late for me to go out and get supplies and I really want to start it that night so this is for all my fellow OCD crafters!

Vintage Press Flower-
1/4 yrd of muslin
scrapbooking stamps and ink in any color (I recommend navy, brown, black, dark red, mainly more muted tones)
needle and thread
hot glue
headband, belt, clip, broach pin, whatever you might want to attach this too!

The high boot socks are a new major love of mine since they are basically leg warmers and who doesn't love leg warmers??
Faux High Boot socks
Jersey or any stretchy material
Old sweaters that you don't mind cutting up
lace, ribbon, buttons etc. be creative!
a sewing machine would be good, but this project can be done without one!

And last but not least..... Drumroll please...... I have ordered an unfinished dollhouse for my 6 year old (Londyn) for Christmas and will be documenting the process of turning this into a seriously cool crib! I wanted to post this in time for anyone else who would like to order one and trade ideas and tips during the process!!
Anyway, I think this is PLENTY to keep me busy for the next little while so I am off to bed. Black Friday was exhausting!!

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