Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Dresses!

FINALLY! Christmas dresses! So it has been forever since I posted anything and it was because I was really tired of my camera situation (mine had a serious accident awhile back) and I knew that Santa was probably going to bring me a new one! The top picture is of my girls on the Sunday before Christmas and it is just with my iphone and then the lower one is with my new camera which I am still figuring out but is so much better!!! I got the basic idea and pattern for these dresses from simplesimonandco and their tutorial for their awesome bustle skirt is here I am in the process of making a couple of the skirts now and they are too cute. I really wanted to make the girls dresses for Christmas and so I just made the basic skirt pattern longer, from about armpit to knee, doubled the amount of circles I needed and then gathered the top, added a strip of green and red and straps. I also cut out a bunch of circles out of cream netting and covered every two rows of red with the cream. I really should have used the red underneath the circles, but as the pattern evolved in my head I didn't really think that through. The top couple of rows were just netting and I literally eyeballed the green and red strips on top. The girls were happy and they reminded me of little Christmas trees with tree skirts or something. I will post the skirts as soon as I am done. I was thinking this would be a super cute ruffly summer top too!

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