Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 sisters dress

The week before Easter was spring break, and my kids and I were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick 3 day trip to see my sister in San Clemente. The weather was gorgeous and we had fun hanging out and playing with my nephew. I took my sewing machine hoping to slip in a project and when I got there my sister (Jayde) and I decided that it was time to make something for us grown up girls!! I literally never make myself anything, but it was fun and turned out cute, so I may just have to try it again! This dress is so easy, I made one for myself, Jayde and our youngest sister Paige in 3 hours tops. While being endlessly interrupted by my kids. Here is the supply list

1 3/4-2 yards of jersey
1/4 yard of a contrasting knit (it does not have to be a knit, but you do want it to have some stretch)

This is actually the layout for Jayde's dress, because I guess I didn't take pics of every single one. I told her to pick a shirt that was pretty loose and that she liked how it fit. I doubled up the jersey and folded it in half and basically traced it. The only thing you want to watch is the length. I knew the shirt that she picked is pretty long on her, but the one I did was a bit shorter and you want to make sure that the top will fit a bit slouchy into the skirt.
Then I measured her hips and her hip to ankle measurement and added a couple of inches for inseams. I doubled and folded my fabric for the skirt, measured 1/4 of her waist measurement in and cut to there. I then cut into the hem 3 inches further than the waist and simply cut a diagonal line until they met. I am hoping this makes sense.You want to cut this pretty much the same size as you are or else it won't stretch and fit you well. It will be baggy. So, for example, if the waist is 28 and you have a front and a back then each side of your skirt needs to be 14 inches. Since you fold your fabric that means that you would cut 7 inches in at the waist. 10 inches in at the hem and then cut a straight diagonal until you have your 2 pieces. Whew! I am horrible at reading directions and now feel that I should apologize to all the people I said wrote stupid directions. . . . . .
Sew your top right sides together, DO NOT SEW THE SHOULDERS CLOSED, only sew the sides! Sew your skirt together. Then you then take your contrasting knit and cut a piece that is 5 inches by your waist measurement. Then you pin that right sides together to the top of your skirt and attach. Don't know why the top is upside down in the above picture.
Finish it off by opening up the neck of your shirt, slide it onto the skirt, upside down and right sides together. Sew the waistband knit into the bottom of your top, if your top is a little wider around the bottom than the top of your skirt, either pleat the excess into either side of the waistband, or do 2 folds equal distance apart on the back. I know its sounds tricky but I eyeballed it on all three and it was so easy and you don't even notice. Turn your entire dress inside out and sew up the shoulders and you are done! Super easy and nice for summer. I need more colors!! And a shout out to my 9 yr old who took the pictures of me in the dress, he was less than thrilled.


  1. AHHH!!!! SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!! seriously lady. You made this all up? brilliant. love you.

  2. Thanks Tiffany! love you too! xoxo